February 15, 2016

A Valentine's Day Pizza Party

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend! Last year I had just torn my ACL, so plans weren't really happening. This year, poor Kevin caught a cold. But I still wanted to do SOMETHING. So I always thought this idea from Grace was so cute and I decided I needed to try it out! 

Plus what says love more than friends, wine, pizza, and fun?!? I say not much!

Each couple made their own pizza, as you can see below. Everyone tried a piece of everyone's pizza and voted on the best. 

Kevin and I opted to make our Pesto Pizza recipe.
My favorite!

We then played The Newlywed Game and some others and overall just had a really great night! I think this is a start of a great new tradition!

My husband had some family in town so we had a great dinner with them and then they day of, I let my sick husband sleep in (jeez...men with colds...anyone else with me?!) and I made him some cinnamon rolls and we spent they day taking it easy, hanging out with each other.

So happy to have all weekend off of work. Now back to the grind!
How did you spend your Valentine's day weekend?


  1. This looks fun! I spent V-day weekend dancing :)

  2. What a fun "new" tradition you might have started.

    I totally understand you with the hubby's being sick. The world apparently stops when Keith is sick, he's allowed to sleep, complain, etc but when I get sick the world doesn't stop and I'm still expected to do this, that, etc. Hopefully yours feels better soon!


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