February 29, 2016

Forming Female Friendships

As we get older it tends to be harder to make new friends. For me, it seems it is harder particularly to make female friends. I mean as we get older, we move, change careers, get married, start families and even re-evaluate who we are already friends with. 

It is hard though. It can be difficult when life gets busy to take time out for video chat sessions or happy hours but it really makes a world of difference. I know there is texting, but I really don't prefer that. Then, there is the hardship of jumping out of your comfort zone and finding new girlfriends through clubs and other people and etc...

I just vow to remain open when making connections with other women. Premature judgement seems to be something that kills a lot of relationships. 

Have you tried making new female friendships? 
Do you think it becomes more difficult as you get older? 
What tips would you have for other women?

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  1. Oh my its definitely hard to make, and especially keep, friendships alive and kicking. Personally for me I think it has to do with not being in my career solidly as I would have hoped by this age in my life. Another would be the kid issue. A lot of ppl who have them only want to be with others who do, etc. It's the circle of life unfortunately.


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