February 8, 2016

Going to Italy!

We are doing it! Kevin and I are taking our first big trip out of the United States. We have been to the Bahamas on a cruise for our honeymoon, but now we have booked our tickets and are going to Italy!

I am so excited. Part of what has scared me about heading far and wide is my general approach to traveling is pretty spontaneous.  I kind of just decide I want to go somewhere and go. Not a lot of planning or time ahead. But overseas, spontaneity even takes planning. So here I am planning.

All I know is that I will need a vacation from my vacation when I get back. I mean editing all the photos I am sure to take will be a chore!

Does anyone have any recommendations for me? 
Blogs to check out, things to do---I am all ears!
And SO excited!


  1. So excited for you guys!! Not sure where you'll be, but if it fits in I would recommend somewhere on the Amalfi Coast. Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust, just did a post about her honeymoon which included a few stops in Italy.

  2. When are you going?!? How exciting!!

  3. Ahhhhh so fun! How long are you going? Where will you be? We can talk suggestions when we chat later this week :)

  4. That sounds very exciting! how many days/do you already know what cities you are visiting? If you visit Florence you can take a day trip to Pisa.

  5. Your articles make whole sense of every topic.


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