February 24, 2016

Why I Don't Run

I have ran one 5k. It will probably be my one and only. I don't run. I mean occasionally I will get out there are run a quick mile, but other than that no. I will never run on a treadmill. And I am okay with that!

It seemed like everyone has all these stories about how running is great and has changed their lives. That is great for them, but for me, running is not positive. For me, I didn't like running, it wasn't fun. It was just all pain and I didn't really see enough gain. I know there were other reasons I wasn't seeing gains, but still, running was not my cup of tea.

I truly realized it after I tore my ACL. Running is hard on your joints and muscles. Swimming and cycling were how I got back into shape and found the break without running was great! I was moving more than ever and was reaping benefits without putting in miles. I felt better about going to work out. So I broke up with running.

Running hasn't missed me and I don't miss running. Working out can be hard. You are working so hard, you need to find something that will work for you. Like many relationships, don't get stuck in a run rut. Try new things and find something you love! Just keep moving!


  1. I am not a fan of running either, and while sometimes I wish I would be, its just not going to happen!! I'd rather do cardio on a piece of equipment than try to run on a treadmill anyday. At least you can say you've done a race, I would like to say that one day but it won't be happening soon!

  2. I'll never break up with running because I never started running. And I won't. I know it's not the kind of thing for me. I dance, or do other low-impact exercise and that suits me just fine. Angel loves running, and that's great for him, but not for me. :)


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