February 5, 2016

Your Guide to Super Bowl Recipes

The Super Bowl is this weekend. I love football, Denver Broncos, and food so together this is my big weekend to shine. I wanted to share nine easy recipes for you to make this Sunday that are sure to please your crowd. Oh and some bonus recipes. Because who doesn't like choices?

These Jalapeno Chicken Sliders are easy to make and full of flavor
Enchilada Roll Ups are your ticket for easy to grab and eat.
Frito Pie is sure to break anyone's New Year's Resolution of eating well.
Green Chile Crescents pack the kick to get you through the day.
This Sausage Dip is one of my most requested things on any given get together.
Crabbies is one of my personal favorite foods from a recipe passed down to me from my mom.
If you want a new take on a layered bean dip, give this hot bean dip a try!
Sweet and Spicy Slow Cooker Wings are a perfect addition to your day.
You won't regret making these easy Sausage Bites.

Want some bonus recipes? Try these:

Buffalo Balls are very pretty and yummy to serve.
Full of flavor Caprese Bites are sure to please.
Oh and these:

What's cooking for you this weekend?


  1. We aren't hosting this year however I planning on making puppy chow to take with us! Go Broncos!!

  2. Ohh great roundup! I always love your recipes so I'm going to go back and check out a few for this weekend!


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