March 23, 2016

Advice For First Time Skiiers

I love spring skiing. It is always my favorite. I am coming home from Vail now and have to go straight into three days of work. not looking forward to that. Does anyone else need a vacation from their vacation?

Anyway, I have noticed that a lot of people are getting out and trying skiing this season and that makes me very happy. Skiing is a fun way to spend time outdoors! 

Here are some of my tips for first time skiiers:

The boots are uncomfortable. 
Yep, we all know, so once you start to enjoy and want to invest in ski stuff, buy your own boots. It will make a world of difference. When walking, keep your boots loosened and then tighten them when you are at the slope.

Dress appropriately.
You are going to want your base layer to be a wicking layer. This means absolutely NO COTTON. My usual is a long sleeve shirt, a second medium thickness layer, and then my ski jacket. Also you need to have a base layer (kind of like long underwear) under your ski pants. Also they make ski socks that are usually pretty great. On really warm days I will wear some compression socks and not my ski socks. Your feet and hands are often the first things that get cold and when they do it makes the whole experience really bitter. Bundle up for your first time. Personally, I would rather be too hot than too cold.

You can buy warmers.
There are disposable glove and boot warmers out on the market. Pro people will tell you never to put anything into your boots if they are fitted for you. But seeing as this is your first time and you are renting equipment, if you think you could be cold, this might not be a bad thing to have on hand.

Trees Don't Move.
This is true, so please be careful! You may fall a couple of times, but get back up. After you learn and get back on your feet...skiing is fun! Promise!

Look At Your Budget.
I hope people look at their budget with anything, but skiing is a bit of an expensive endeavor. Just be prepared to account for a lift ticket, lessons (if you do them), your equipment, and of course apres ski...cause everyone deserves a drink!

What advice and recommendations do you have for first time skiiers?

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  1. Biggest one - DON'T CROSS YOUR TIPS!! Pizza Wedge it all the way down if you can't figure out how to ski ;)

    But I do agree with the above and our next trip is already in the works. Looks like it could be Copper again :)


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