March 4, 2016

Best Lent Ever

At least so far it is.
Especially better than the lent I tried giving up chocolate. I failed with a girl scout cookie.
I have successfully given up TV before.
Last year I failed in giving up bread.

For those who don't celebrate or know a lot about lent, it is a time where you don't necessarily have to give something up. You can make it a point to do something to better yourself.

This year, I did not give something up.
I am trying to be more purposeful in my thoughts and actions.

Sometimes, I get impatient at the smallest things: when my web page takes more than 10 seconds to load, when I can't get food fast enough, when someone in front of me is walking slow....

We live in a society that's becoming more now, now, now. In TV shows, problems that take a lot of work, effort, and time in real life are wrapped up nicely in a 20-minute episode. Twitter and Facebook are short instances of 140 of characters. We don't want to read about anyone or anything too long. I sadly see a lot of my peers buy cars, homes, and phones they can't afford because waiting and saving up for them is slow. We get fat because we can't say no to the food of here and now, and then we take pills to lose weight because we don't have patience to work it off through diet and exercise. 

This year will be more about patience than penitence for me. I will try and be patient and not eat as much. I will try and not get mad or frustrated when my computer is slow or when other people hold me up. Food I think will be the hardest for me. I need to realize that I don't need to eat everything I want, when I want. 

It is all about learning that happiness doesn't depend on how quickly you obtain it.
And hopefully I will end my lent season in going home and seeing my family for Easter. Sounds pretty great to me!


  1. A few years ago I tried giving up swearing for Lent (I think I lasted about 10 minutes). This year I went for something more in the "present for myself" category. I have a bad habit of cursing at myself inside my head, with a voice telling me I'm useless and fat and a waste of life and a great deal more besides. This Lent I took on the discipline of actively listening for that voice and quietening it. I have to tell you it's working out kind of well :)

    1. I think that being present for yourself in that way can sometimes be healthier for you in giving something up physically that is "bad" for you. I am so glad it is working out well for you! Keep it up!


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