March 30, 2016

Guide to Vail Colorado

Another year of spring skiing with another years trip to Vail. This one was a nice one and my first one on my new ACL!

We were also blessed with a not snowy drive to and from and plenty of fresh powder during the week.

Lots of powder made for lots of skiing and unfortunately a lot less pictures...sorry mom!
Oh is some!

Since we go here annually and I don't have a lot of pictures to show from this trip, I thought I would make a little guide to Vail, Colorado. There is clearly a lot more to this city, but here is a taste of what we love. If you want to see lots of pictures of us over the years check out some previous Vail trips here and here.

Oh and Colorado folk please add any other favorites to this in comments!

Casa Mexico: This is a newer restaurant in Vail but perfect for a nice happy hour and very affordable for those who can't splurge the Vail way.

Westside Cafe: This is a great little breakfast joint for a nice sit down or a quick grab and go. Like above, it is a great value.

Pazzo's Pizzeria: This is a great little place in the heart of downtown Vail. I love that! The food is great and affordable.

Garfinkel's: This Lionshead restaurant has an amazing porch that looks onto the ski area. It is perfect for a bite on a bluebird day!!

Red Lion: If bars are your thing, this is a popular hotspot of food, drink, and music.

Tavern on the Square: Down in Lionshead there is a really nice place to stay called Arrabelle. They own a restaurant right across from Garfinkel's. This means a porch with a great view of the slopes and a nice bit of refinement. I love enjoying a nice glass of apres ski wine and appetizer here.

Pepi's: If you want to experience an amazing piece of Vail's history, Pepi's is a must. This is family owned and operated by Pepi Gramshammer a world famous Austrian Ski Racer and his wife. They are original to Vail. This is in downtown Vail with the classic Vail European charm. Oh and the food is great!!

Bites and Experiences:
Vail is truly unique in the fact that there are a lot of great places that can put an experience with a meal. Here are some great places to try!

CineBistro: I honestly don't like going to movie theaters that aren't fancy anymore. I love the experience of going to a movie theater with a nice seat and some great food. This place has just that!

Bol: Fancy food and bowling. What more can you ask for? It is an elevated bowling experience.

Beano's Cabin: I really want to try this place. You get a sleigh ride up to an amazing dinner. What a snowy wonderland experience!

Ski Vail: I mean you knew I would say this right?!? It is my favorite ski area ever! It is a huge mountain and has something for every type of ski/snowboarder.

Shop: Explore Vail Village and Lionshead. The public transportation in Vail is free so that makes it really easy to go to both!

Ice Skating: The open skate hours are a little limited but who doesn't love a bit of ice!

So there is just a little taste of things to do in Vail, Colorado!

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