March 14, 2016

Three Things for a Better Life

It is officially spring?! Here in Arizona all the flowers are in bloom and unfortunately we are going through periods where we are skipping spring. We have already had many days in the 90s. The 90s!! That is way too hot too early! Let's hope this isn't worlds longest summer...

So despite this weather going between spring and summer, and not knowing what to call this season, I will call it happy! This year so far has been great. Not because anything particularly incredible has happened, but because I feel like I have come back to what I enjoy in both my work, my health, and my personal life.

Here are three things that I am doing that are making my season all the more happy!

Embracing the Little Moments
Several times in the last week or so, I have caught myself in the middle of a moment: making dinner, snuggling on the couch watching TV with Kevin, drinking a happy hour glass of wine with a girlfriend, etc...Somehow, looking for these moments, I am finding there are more of them than I realized. And they are happy moments that make me really glad my life is my life. Who doesn't love that?

Not Rushing Myself
Now sometimes you need to think about next steps, trust me, I am usually always doing that! But right now gratitude is what I feel. I need to embrace the now and live it instead of wishing I was already where I want to be next. You can choose to make space for what you want and need as you go. I know like with me knee, I just wanted to at my next milestone, move past the struggle in the journey...but that in hindsight, was there to teach me. Once we overcome and obstacle, we can accept that we are grateful for what we have. Embrace what you have now! There doesn't always have to be a rush for me, and I like that!

Admitting to Myself That I am Not Half Bad
I am SO bad at fitness routines and eating healthy and getting house chores done and blogging and... the list goes on. I now post 3x a week and go exercise on days that I don't work 13 hour shifts.  I think that shows some improvement. Not being that bad at it is a cool thing I like admitting to myself now. Plus, if you strive and do the best you can, it helps when you are facing more uncertain and overwhelming parts of life.

Being aware of these little acknowledgements is making this chaotic thing we call life quite a bit more enjoyable. I hope it continues! But if not, there is always chocolate!


  1. I love this post and am so happy you've found balance in all aspects of your life. Embracing the little things is such a hard thing to do sometimes, but it makes the biggest difference in a positive attitude.

  2. I can totally relate to this! One of my goals for 2016 was to strive for balance. Hope you have a great weekend <3

    Edye //


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