March 18, 2016

Travelling: Red Rocks Colorado

So these aren't the best photos forthcoming. I have a DSLR that I really need to learn how to use. Might help with the lighting taking pictures when you spontaneously go on a trip to Red Rocks, Colorado...

How does one who lives in Arizona just go to Red Rocks at a moments notice you ask?

Well Kevin and I were in Denver for a ski show (SIA-Snow Sports Industry) with his aunt and uncle. It was pretty cool to see an industry show for the first time! Anyway, we were there in Denver for the weekend and seeing the show isn't that amazing that I needed a whole

I woke up one morning and looked at Kevin and said "fancy a walk?"
Now mind you it had been very cold and snow was on the ground, but the morning warmed up very nicely and turned out to be a great spur of the moment adventure.

This is not the first time I have done Red Rocks, but I highly recommend you go if you are near and around Denver. (Red Rocks is only 15 miles away from Denver.) Here are four things you need to know about Red Rocks, Colorado.

It Is An Amphitheater
I haven't been for a concert, but I would imagine it would be pretty cool!

It Is a Workout
You will see in the morning people doing some pretty amazing workouts that make you want to try and join. At least for the first couple of steps. Then you are too tired. Those Coloradans are in shape!

It Is Great For Everyone
You can do the Trading Post Trail (1.4 miles round trip) hike which technically is not challenging. Just know, you are right outside of Denver (The Mile High City) so there is elevation and it will get you! It isn't much higher than Denver, but all the same, bring water!

It Is Free
So why not go?!

And now here is a photo dump:

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend Exploring!

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  1. Love red rocks!! I would love to see a concert there too.


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