April 11, 2016

Bad Airline Passengers

My ski travel season is over! Here is till next year! When I was on my way home from Vail though, my fellow travelers were all pretty interesting. They inspired this post. These are bad airline passengers...

Chatty Cathy
The guy that sat next to us was chatty. Never mind that I was playing Ticket to Ride on my tablet and with headphones in listening to music, but this gentleman told me his life story and just over did it. Sometimes silence...is golden!

Armrest Aaron
Since I am small and often want to sit next to my husband, I sit in the middle. This is fine for me until I sit next to an armrest hog. It can be really awkward to place your arms in good positions for a full flight! I bumped a few times with my chatty guy because of it.

Impolite Issac
Not in front of me, but in front of the chatty guy was a person who put their seat back. There is not usually enough room to do it, so I don't know why people do, but my chatty guy had his table down and a drink there. It is a shock and jumble when someone does that to you. Not cool!

Pansy Parents
For some reason this flight was FULL of kids. I told my husband that I think kids pretty much outnumbered adults on that flight. I had never seen that before. Of course, they kick your seat, but they aren't the bad airline passengers, it is the parents who don't say anything or do anything about it! Come on!

Baggage Billy
I carry on stuff just like the next person, but I don't get people who can't figure how to place their overhead baggage the correct way in the bulkhead without taking a million miles of space. I get not everyone is short like me, but if you are bringing 2 carry-ons and space is tight...put it at your feet.

Sick Sally
I do not put up well at all with sick people on flights. It makes me anxious being in such a small space being someone who needs to stay healthy. Cover your coughs and sneezes and do it correctly...into the crook of your arm!

Pushy Peter
Oh and people that are just so rude and impatient always get me. We are all getting on the plane and we will all get off the plane. Now if someone had an emergency or super close connection due to a delay, that is fine, but don't push in front of people, go with the flow!

Aromatic Ally
Let's talk about eating. I get it, peanuts aren't always enough, but tuna, curry, or something strong doesn't help the already stuffy area we are all in.

Footsie Francine
On my way to Vail I sat next to a girl who did one of my biggest pet peeves...she took off her shoes! My mom had always told me that people seem to take care of their feet last. She would say, look to people's feet to see how they truly take care of themselves. Well my friends, her feet were...

Okay my mom also taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. So I will leave this alone, but even if you have perfect feet, that is a pretty public place to be putting my bare feet down on...especially after your feet have traveled, gone through security, and walked through the airport. Just...no!

Flirty Fred
Now I will leave you one bonus passenger. I have only encountered this passenger once. My sister and I were on our way back from visiting family in Ohio. My sister is 6 1/2 years younger than me. I was about 18 years old when this happened, we were upgraded to first class. We sat next to this gentleman who started a conversation with me by asking what I do and if (my sister) was my daughter. He honestly was hitting on me and would not stop. I was just so shocked...just no dude, no!

Who are some of your least favorite airline passengers?
Has anyone met any of these people?


  1. OMG this is hilarious and seriously made my day! I travel every week, so I have had my fair share of crazy encounters and could picture all of my experiences as I read through your post. Thanks for making me smile! :)


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