April 18, 2016


I spent the weekend in my hometown. For all of my life I was fortunate to call the same place home. It was in the middle of no where next to a small town filled with a good number of people. My hometown housed many memories. It was a long time of memories. These memories lasted until I graduated college.

After a while of living in the same town, I wanted so badly to get out and find a new place to create memories .

Growing up in New Mexico, I never had a true appreciation for the state. I thought it was too hot, too boring, and too ugly. But recently I've come to realize that New Mexico is truly an amazing state, and Las Cruces was a nice place to live. You only get that wake up call when you move away.

My hometown then became the past.

I truly believe that being away from our hometown for awhile makes us appreciate it all that much more. We seem to stray away from the negative connotations we've previously given our hometown, and begin to see it in an entirely different light. We find ourselves oddly missing that the bad drivers, the same old restaurants you have always gone to, or even just the sense of warmth and belonging that we always took for granted.

Going back you realize that you have graduated college and are now in the real world, where we can no longer wear sweatpants and oversized shirts or ever use the phrase "Help me, I'm poor" to your parents and friends.

I find myself feeling old when I am back as I see new people on the college campus and around town that seem really young. I can not believe that we were once that young at this same place. No, we couldn't have been.

More then often I find myself in bed by 11 on a Friday night and during high school I would have been ashamed (and probably would have been better rested). 

I never realized how incredibly lucky I was to have my family and all the agriculture until I was far away from all of that.

Our hometown is most likely the same place it has always been, but we appreciate and experience it in an entirely new way.

This past weekend, I visited my hometown and it was great being back. I got to see my youngest sister who was just accepted into the same bachelor of nursing program I went though. I am just a proud sister for her! My middle sister is getting ready to spread her wings and I am happy for her. I also managed to forget my phone charger (and it is the new type C charger that no one has) so I went the whole weekend without my cell phone. Now I am plugged back into the real world!

Full of a happy, hometown weekend!
What lessons did you learn moving away from your hometown?


  1. I've been to NM once, and that was chama to ride the train. Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. I think we drove through Las Cruces once, but I could be mistaken. It looks like a beautiful place to live. I wish I felt that way when I visit my hometown. But, instead it just makes me sad. It’s so trashy now. Congrats to your sister!

  3. Oddly, I don't think I've ever HAD a home town. While I've lived in a bunch of places, from the tiny map-dot of Merricks North where I grew up, to the great city of Melbourne, I've always felt like I was just on an extended visit. There was only one place that I think I could have set down roots (the ex's home town), and with that off the table, I kind of don't much care for the thought of settling anywhere.


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