April 13, 2016

How to Fend Against an Unplanned Cheat Day

You come home from a long day of work. You are tired and hungry. This is any dieters worst nightmare. You don't want to cook and you can't find anything to make anyway, so you just think, well...I'll cheat today. Those are fine, but often lead down a rabbit's hole of more cheating. Here are ways to combat cheating.

Keep something easy in the fridge.
If you have a day off, make a couple of lunches and snacks ahead of time and package them up so you can grab them. Even a salad (with no dressing of course so that it doesn't get soggy) will make you less likely to grab something else.

Look for something within your diet at a fast food restaurant. 
I am doing low carb right now and many places have great options for me to pick up and eat! When you really don't feel like cooking and are hangry...this can be the best option.

Know your weaknesses.
Mine is dessert. I do low carb, but I don't completely restrict myself, so I keep something on hand to help me get my fix, but not enough to go completely crazy.

Do not make a cheat meal a cheat week.
Cause you know it happens. And this is the point. A cheat meal may not be the end of the world but it is easy to fall into the mindset of well I already ruined this day, week, weekend, etc...I'll pick it up when I can. For me I know that if I have a cheat meal, I can generally bounce my body back into ketosis/low carb goodness within a day or two. Therefore I don't want to cheat anymore than once because my body will regret it. A cheat meal is just that, one meal.

What do you do to help stay on a healthy eating track?

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  1. cheat days are HARD and even harder when I come home from work and hubby doesn't want to help and cook or anything.


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