April 4, 2016

I am Busy Doing Everything and Nothing

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything and nothing, all at the same time? I feel like I have done a lot, but when I try to remember what it all was, I draw a blank. I mean sure, there were a couple of vacations and road trips. But other than that I guess it has just been lots of little things. 
So what has been happening?

Already missing ski season!

I started watching Recipe for Deception on Bravo and that really has cut into my productive time. Since I don't have cable I have ventured into Roku, Tablo, and Plex for my TV needs and boy are they awesome! It has also had me venture into Fixer Upper and YouTube videos of James Corden (that dude is funny!)

I unfortunately had to work Easter. I had really wished to go see my family and do church and dinner, but you know...life! I hope to see them soon!

I got a much needed hair cut. My hair started shedding more than any long haired dog I know and started becoming more and more dry. Ugh it was gross. So now I am using more conditioner and washing my hair in colder water. At least it looks and feels better!

I am reading lots of blogs and writing more on mine. All this time I spend doing it though I should probably look into ways to at least make a little moola. :-/ Any tips?!

Myself and my co-workers went out to our annual Heart Walk yesterday and we all had a great time!

I finally sanded and painted my trim in my living room after we installed the hardwood floor. So what I really only waited 4 years...no big.

I also did the annual cleaning of the front yard. Glad that is done and over with!

Then I did a yard sale of all the stuff I had planned to take to donate/sell on CraigsList. Ended up making $16...better than nothing and a nice day to sit outside and blog!

I have been working out on a pretty decent schedule but am getting a little lazy when it comes to my cardio. Gotta get it!

I can't believe it is already April. In Arizona we are exactly the opposite and never want Summer to come and always wanna keep our "winter". Guess I better finish up any to-do lists outside before it is too hot and too late!

So I guess a lot of something and nothing has been going on!
What is going on with you?


  1. I'm swimming in life with busyness but its all good! Glad to hear you've been getting stuff done!!

  2. Yeah, I understand. Despite life being remarkably busy, I'm kind of struggling to blog at all at the moment. Since I started trying to do more "how to" on the blog, I struggle to say anything at all!

  3. Your haircut looks great! Hope you're having a great week <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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