May 4, 2016

Happy Nurse's Week: A Thank You Letter to You

Dear nurses,

You get in the car and drive to work with no way to predict the course of your day or night. You just know you have 12.5 hours ahead of you and hope you are ready. You hope to have any semblance of a lunch and if you are really lucky it will be uninterrupted and a full 30 minutes. You really don't know what awaits you.

Within the first hour, you have already dealt with an angry patient, you have cleaned up some poop and you have two doctors wanting to talk to you at exactly the same time. If any one has a degree in multi-tasking, it is a nurse.

One mile here. Another mile there. No wonder your legs and feet ache by the time you get home. You sit for an average of two minutes at a time before someone needs something from you.

Your patience will be less and less as the say goes on. People need you all too often for something they could easily do themselves. Hopefully someone doesn't have a change of condition right at change of shift. You are tired and smelly and go home and try not to think about your day and project your lack of patience at this point on those at home. Then, you do it all again tomorrow.
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You give every ounce of energy doing chest compressions while trying to figure out which screaming doctor is actually running this code. You calculate and titrate, keeping a million complicated thoughts organized at once. 

You see people who are doing everything right with their life and their health and bad things happen to them. When you go home completely wrecked after a heart wrenching day you squeeze your spouse tightly and are glad for your health and another day on this beautiful earth.

You see people who think you are out to get them and want immediate fixes for their health without them being proactive at all. Yeah, they want a smoke and their tox screen shows alcohol, marijuana, and meth...

You have a list of nurses on your unit that could take care of you should you be in the hospital. 

That is a short list of what happens in our days. So you may be asking and sometimes we ask ourselves...why do we do it? Why do we subject ourselves to derogatory slurs, poop, blood, and vomit...among other things? Why do we answer the phone at 3 am and decide to come in on your day off, so that everyone else’s day is less horrible? Why do we tolerate the accusations of crazy family members or try to accommodate the overwhelming requests of a resident with a new admission? We just add it to the list of things to do today.

You care and so you do it. For the patients that can and can't pay for it. The patients who thank you and don't thank you for it. You do it because you cannot not do it. You are a nurse.

I am saying thank you to you. Thank you for being a nurse. Happy Nurse's Week!

Oh and Happy Cinco De Mayo tomorrow!
Here are some great Cinco De Mayo recipe ideas for ya!

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  1. <3<3<3 This is great! Being a nurse is such an under appreciated position so I appreciate each and every one as much as I can!


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