May 18, 2016

How I Waste My Time

I hate to say this, but after all the years I have ever been on this Earth, I have finally developed allergies. WOW do they suck!

I have been going between staying inside and trying to soak up with last couple of days where it is not unbearable to live in Arizona.

It seems like those days are finally here and with my allergies, I will be spending more days indoors. Unfortunately that gives me more opportunities to waste time.

We all have those things we do where as soon as we start, we seem to look down and go, "oh crap, it has been three hours?!" You know what I am saying? These things that are not all that productive that reel us in and have us hooked. Here are five of those things for me:

Spending Hours Looking at Real Estate. 
Sure, this makes sense if you are considering buying a house. Not so much if you aren't...But occasionally, one would like to dream of buying a million dollar home.

Pretty Instagram Accounts.
Need an instant mood booster? Just follow a pretty IG account with all things pink, bright, and pretty. It’s like a temporary escape from reality that I can’t seem to unfollow.

Don’t even try to deny this one, some of you out there are guilty too. It boosts my mood and I am done with all things productive for a solid two hours.

Watching YouTube Videos.
I mean music and also Buzzfeed and James Corden.

My Middle School/High School Playlist.
Every now and then I will stumble upon a couple of these songs and I am hooked on memory lane for a little bit. My tastes were a little punk rock/emo then...

How do you waste your time?

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