May 9, 2016

I Want To Be Like My Mother

Mother's Day was Sunday! My mom is very creative in many ways. I feel it has rubbed off on my sisters and I as we feel great satisfaction in creating. My mother can change a room like nobody's business. She kept our house always tastefully decorated with sometimes very little to work with. I still love her style and ability to create a feeling in a room.

I also love that she was a stay at home mom. She cleaned up, made meals, did laundry, shopping, etc..She served her family directly every day. Thinking of her working so hard for us makes me think of how one day I can serve my family and be grateful for the opportunity to become a mother.

My mom sacrificed many things for us her three amazing daughters.

I was always the dramatic, focused on the emotional one of my sisters. I learned quickly that I needed to adapt to model after my mother. Each moment is quickly here and gone, for better or worse. It won't last forever and dwelling on it won't always help. She was a role model to express the right amount of looking back on memories with fondness and having an appreciation and love for the present.

All and all a mom is different to everyone. For me my mom is someone who exemplified strength, sacrifice, perspective, intention, peace, dedication, and love for where she put her attention and energy. This is the greatest way that my mother has influenced example.

I saw this thing on Pinterest where some guys recreated old pictures and well, I decided to do just that for my mom with the help of my sisters!

Here was how some of it turned out:

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Wish I could have been there with you!


  1. Happy mother's day to your mom!

  2. Aww, this is so cute and sweet! Sounds like you have a truly awesome mom!


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