May 27, 2016

The Unfinished Projects

For almost four years I have had plans to redo my backyard and to tile the laundry room. Until just recently, I have had the tiles and all the supplies have been purchased for the laundry room. I just could not get myself motivated enough to start working. Mostly because it is hot outside...

Well I finally motivated Kevin to work on it for me. And it looks great!

We started off kind of...well not good. Apparently mortar has an expiration date. I had bought some and never did the project till now which meant we had immediate set mortar on our Kevin's hands.

So a Lowe's trip later and we were back in business.

I will say I tore up the laminate, cleaned the floors, and then after I sealed the grout and cleaned the floor again. So at least I did something...

A couple of things you need to know:
1. Do not let your mortar expire--reason being is because moisture is probably seeped in somehow and that is what ruins it.
2. Get a tile saw and a man. I mean I am all for your women who are independent and such, but those cuts and using that tile saw do not look fun. (hey, just me being honest!)
3. Have someone to double check you. Keep that man (especially if he is detailed oriented) because everywhere will tell you to start in the center of the room with a full tile and tile out and then make your cuts and measurement. But you can play with that. We started in the center a wall, but on one side so that we would have as many full tiles showing as possible since we knew the other side would be covered by our washing machine/dryer. You feel me? But make sure if you get creative with how you lay the tile that you have someone to check you before you wreck you.
4. You should apply your mortar not only to the floor, but to the back of the tile. Extra security, you know?! Especially if it is a bigger sized/heavy tile.
5. We did this on a concrete subfloor, so the tile can go directly to that concrete. I know nothing if your subfloor is different except for that you need to lay some drywall looking concrete stuff.
6. Don't let that stone sealer dry on the tile when you are sealing your grout. Even by using the stone sealer again, it is hard to remove. (oops)

Kevin swears he won't ever do a tiling project again. Haha, he lives with me! Who is he kidding? I am sure he will have another tiling project in his lifetime.

And seriously, what a crummy guide to tiling, but hey, this is real world ya'll!
See what I mean about number 3 with the center stuff? Oh and back off ladies, he is all mine! ;-)

In other unfinished projects news...
I actually started with the motivation digging up some planters in the backyard. Then, you guessed got hot. So now it looks just even worse. So yeah, finishing my not be my strength for house projects right now. But I have gotten some other things done. You know it's bad when these are the things I have done instead...

Set up a new 401k
Organized all of the pictures on my computer
Cleaned out my email inbox and unsubscribed to some things
Washed my makeup brushes
Flossed my teeth

Clearly I have issues. Tell me how you get motivated!
Have you ever done a tiling project? Will you do one again?

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  1. Sadly, for me motivation is often the last stage of a long process, coming after I get completely sick of whatever-it-is and can't stand it any longer. Although for me it's also a case of the shoemaker's children going barefoot: My SES unit looks endlessly spick and span; my home life ... squalor! My next project actually has to be updating my will: it still hands everything to me (now ex-)wife. Pretty sad indictment on a lawyer not to have attended to that long ago!


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