June 13, 2016

CNAs/PCTs Rock

I have been a nurse now for almost 5 years.
This week is Nursing Assistance Week.

I know that the backbone to any good nurse is a good CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) or PCT (Patient Care Technician) No matter what I call you, I want you to know...

Thank you for each and every patient you have cared for. Thank you for every hug you gave to many a grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, brother, sister, and friend. Thank you for your words of comfort you shared with a patient when they were feeling sad or hopeless. Thank you for every tear and but you wiped. Thank you for putting your life on hold to deal with other people's life. Thank you for your hard work ethic and not calling in sick.

Thank you for all your hard work both physically and mentally. Thank you for doing what matters when a nurse like me is too busy. You often go unrecognized and for that, I apologize. You are a secret ingredient to a good patient nurse relationship. I could not survive without you. Neither could our patients!

Happy Nursing Assistant Week!
Thank you for all you do!

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