June 20, 2016

How to Make Your Grocery Store Flowers Last

Living in the desert, flowers are often few and far between. Therefore, often if I want any blooms in my home I need to go to the grocery store. When I do that, I have to grab bunches and head home and arrange them.

But sometimes you bring home the flowers from the grocery store and the flowers die one or two days after and it is really disappointing. My little sister is a really incredible at arranging flowers. I can dream to one day be as good as her. However, I can give some tips on how to extend the shelf life of fresh flowers.

Properly prepare the vase. 
Fill it with about four inches of cool to room-temperature water. If it comes with floral food (the small packet that occasionally comes with a bunch of flowers), take a moment to add it to the water.
Always cut the stems diagonal. This will give your stems more surface area to absorb the water and take in nutrition. If there are any thorns, don’t remove them.

Keep in a safe place. 
Put the finished arrangement in a cooler area, away from direct sunlight or gusts of air. Don’t forget about the water. Always make sure your fresh beautiful flowers have enough water. Change the water out every 24 to 48 hours. If leaves fall in, remove them immediately because those wilted leaves can put bacteria in the water.

Use household items to extend the flowers life. 
There are a couple of ways to extend the life of your flowers:

Drop a penny into the vase of water to keep your fresh bouquet looking its best. The copper’s acid acts as a natural antibacterial agent that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in flowers. 

Adding aspirin, soda, or sugar is a good way to combat the aging process in fresh plants. The sugar and soda provide nutrition and the aspirin increases the acidity
in the water, which will help the water fight against gravity to make its way from the bottom of the stem to the rest of the plant. 

Vinegar and alcohol can protect plants from mold and bacteria by keeping the water disinfected. If you are using a clear vase, use clear liquids like white vinegar, lemon-lime soda, or vodka.

What is your favorite bloom to have around the house? 
How do you make your floral arrangements last?


  1. These are some awesome tips that I need to try!!!! Thank you for sharing them! :)

  2. I need to try some of these tricks! Maybe then I'll actually be able to keep my flowers for more than a week...

  3. red and white peonies, but it's so hot here that they don't have a big window of getability. just a few weeks in late may/early june. i managed to snag some last year. missed the window the year before that. i was really bummed.

    thanks for the tips.


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