June 8, 2016

The Honeymoon: Bahamas

You know those moments in life that you can relive in your life years later? (Well, four years later to be exact...) The ones that you knew exactly what everyone was wearing, what the smell in the air was, and the conversation being had? Well my honeymoon was one of those moments. I can't believe I didn't ever cover it on the blog!

Being married to Kevin has been a marriage where we love to travel. This was the first trip we took as a married couple and it sure was fun! Even better, after this trip, who knew, but...the best was yet to come!

Kevin was just about to start his job, so time and money were short so a cruise to the Bahamas was just what we did! We cruised on the Norwegian Sky and boy was this trip just full of food and relaxation!

Digging up these old photos just really makes me think how four years sure has aged me! WOW!

What are some time where you still have crystal clear memories?
Where did you travel to for your first major travel trip?

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  1. Love the pictures!! We are going on our first cruise this November and we are so excited!!!!


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