July 25, 2016

Feeling Hungry

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone is ready to kick off this week! I know I am! Today I want to share a kind of funny thought process and story today...maybe some of you can relate!

I made my list and went grocery shopping. When I got back, I got ready to put my groceries away. I swear every week, no matter how organized I feel, there is a certain amount of re-organizing.

The refrigerator was kind of a mess from the past week so I emptied it, throwing away old leftovers. I felt bad as I dumped some guacamole I had forgotten about. I also had to toss a cucumber that had shriveled.

Once emptied out, I wiped it down and then piled in the new food.

It was lunch time. I took out some deli meat and lettuce and made some lettuce wraps. Then I ate them and realized I wasn't hungry in the first place.  I realized I do this quite frequently and I think that a lot of us out there that eat on a schedule or out of habit, but rarely because we are hungry. 

I need to listen to my body and become comfortable with feeling hungry. I think it would be a healthier lifestyle to adapt to. When I feel hungry, I like to drink some water or some peach tea and then if I am still hungry eat. My current problem is stopping when I reach full, but I am working on that. That and sometimes all I want is pizza.
I think there are a lot of things in life we recognize we need to work on but sometimes don't. It may not be time for new year's resolutions, but this is something I am going to try and work on.

Do you eat out of habit?
What is your favorite type of pizza?


  1. Nothing wrong with always wanting pizza!!

  2. Ha I always want pizza! Alas, it's not in the cards :P


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