July 8, 2016

Five on Friday

Here we go with a little life update (read: picture overload) because a lot has been happening!

1. Dativersary Love
Saturday was our 11th dating anniversary. My husband was so nice to let me abandon him and celebrate my birthday with some girlfriends and to have one of my oldest girlfriends into town that weekend. My husband loves Jimmy Fallon thank you notes. This one night got me thinking about how much I love and am thankful for him. He certainly deserves to know how much I appreciate him and how I was better about telling him more often.

So sticky notes everywhere became a thing.

2. Booking it
So overall, I was not super impressed with the recipes. They are glamorous but not all that easy to make. The ingredients and dishes are a bit intensive. But, I was impressed with the photography. It was beautifully styled. This book is more of a coffee table book than a cookbook for me. But you need both types of books, so I recommend this as a beautiful coffee table book! I received this book from Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. 

3. Birthday Fun
I had an amazing birthday week. My mom and sister came to visit me and we spent a fun weekend eating, shopping, and hanging out.

I worked for my actual birthday. Three shifts in a row, but thankfully they were all good. Oh and one of my patients had his wife go out and bring me some cookies for my birthday! So sweet! Oh and my husband treated me to a lovely dinner!

Then my girlfriend, sister (again), and cousin all came to visit me and we had a great weekend!
And since it was not triple digit heat (still in the 90s though! Thanks Arizona!), we attempted some short hiking ventures. No worries, we were smart and brought lots of water.

And yeah no photoshop...can you believe my sisters beautiful blue eyes?!

Oh and some of my girlfriends and I went out for happy hour(s)!

4. Fourth of July
A little school night party never hurt anyone! I also seem to throw many parties last minute. But it was great! I made my fruit pizza and a bunch of other food. There is never a shortage of food in my house!

This years fruit pizza: 

Reds, Whites, and Brews! Cute no?!

5. All in Cle!
I am so excited that the Cavs won and that the Indians are doing so well. Now if the Browns could pull it together, this would be the most epic year! Oh and I am so loving watching swimming the Olympic Trials. Yay for sports!!

Now with all of this food and fun, I need to get back on track with the diet and exercise.
Let's go!


  1. love this post. happy dateiversary and happy birthday, lady.

    and that reds, whites and brews is cool. i dig that very much.

  2. happy dateversary and happy birthday - looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Happy dateversary and happy birthday! Sounds and looks like you had an amazing weekend and week!!


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