July 11, 2016

It is Okay to Relax

Today I feel stressed and I have no idea why. We finished our laundry room and I absolutely love it. I finally picked up my house after it turned into a mess throughout our tiling project. I haven't moved on to a single one of my other projects. I of course have been working which isn't anything new, Never the less, I had a great work out yesterday and will be back at it again today. I should feel accomplished. I should go home and treat myself to a glass of white wine and TV (I finally started watching House of Cards and am HOOKED!) but instead I feel stressed. I keep feeling like I need to be holding myself to a higher standard.
But here’s the thing:
Who is keeping track of what I can get done? Me.
Who cares if something doesn’t get checked off? Me.
What is really stressing me out? Me.
Me. Me. Me.

It is all about me.

I need to recognize the importance of relaxing. And if I don’t get it done, there is always next week. I just feel like when I am relaxing, I could be doing something. I can't guilt myself. It is time to reward myself for my achievements, not stress over the next project (guest bedrooms). I want to look forward to it!

What is your next project?
What do you to de-stress?


  1. Certainly so Lauren! The key thing is to know when you're putting things off and just TALKING about them (one of my pet hates). But to enjoy the work you've done before you tackle the next thing? That's assuredly healthy :)

  2. Omg so important to remember! There's only so hard you can push yourself before you burn out and you can't judge yourself for taking a bit of "you" time. You go, girl!


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