July 15, 2016

Summer Shindigs: How to Have Fun and Still Feel Great

These past three weeks have been a blur! With all of the pizzabirthday celebrations, Fourth of July celebrations, and just summer weekend celebrations...it is no wonder I am feeling overwhelmed!

It is no secret that I like to have fun. But I truly believe in everything in moderation. You have to balance all your barbecues, pool parties, picnics, and late nights so that you aren't burnt out when you have to work and fat gaining weight from it all. I mean...I am just saying...

Overdoing on booze and food can leave you feeling guilty and sluggish. It is harder around this time of year with all the great summer stuff going on, but I am here to share how I keep my body and mind as balanced as I can during this time of year.

Stick with clears and wines
More parties equal more alcohol. If you can, stick with clear liquors for your drinks or a glass or two of wine. The more times alcohol is distilled, the less impurities and toxins there are. Therefore you are less likely to feel cruddy the next morning. Plus slow sipping and easy drinking makes for an enjoyable time. Try a Tito's, ice, and lemon or a nice glass of Sauvignon blanc.

Take a cool shower
After eating and drinking, balance the hot summer body with a nice refreshing shower. Make it colder than your normal shower. Trust me it will do your body a world of good!

Drink water
Duh, everyone says this. Despite knowing this, most of us don't drink enough water throughout the night. My advice is don't drink two events in a row. Example: don't drink the night away and wake up to have drinks with brunch. Pick and choose so you aren't super dehydrated (that was a technical term) and your body will thank you.

Eat right
Load up on foods that contain cysteine (such as eggs, cheese, oats, chicken, and fish), which helps break down acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, a headache causing toxin that is produced when your body digests alcohol. Eat before you drink if you can. Sure, everyone loves binging on the burgers/fries and pizza while drinking, but with a summer schedule that is jam packed, if you do that enough, you will feel really bad!

Let's do this and have a great weekend!

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  1. My sister's bachelorette party is next weekend and her girls are asking me how I can be the DD and not drink. Its like I can have fun, save my calories and not be on the floor. We'll be doing a winery at some point of the weekend so I'll partake there but just going out and drinking all night isn't my thing anymore.

    Have a great weekend!


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