July 27, 2016

What I Ate

The other day I realized I have two different types of food days. I am either an EAT IT ALL sort of person or an eat nothing person. OF course I prefer to eat it all, but my body thinks I am crazy and wishes I would stop thinking about food.

I decided to chronicle a couple of days of everything I eat, just to see how I do. I have never counted calories and really need to get to just eating clean. I am using a low carb method to try and kick my body back to an area I am comfortable with and can more freely "clean eat."

Not everything in the post is going to be healthy and I know that, so no need to tell me. I write it down to improve me and I encourage people to do the same. It can help you realize what habits you have that are helping or hurting you.

Now let's get to the food of the matter:

Day 1:
It is a work day. I prepped and made some of my healthy banana muffins and am enjoying them with a little bit of peanut butter. I also have my water bottle filled with some crystal light peach tea and am ready to go to work!

I get to work and finish the rest of my tea after assessments and medication passes and refill the bottle with water. Gotta drink all the water!!

That crystal light peach tea is my lifesaver. I love it because it helps suppress my appetite. So did the couple of mini candy bars and Baggin's Cookie someone gave me today (#fail) Because today, that is all that is holding me over. It is 4pm and I am finally getting a moment to eat. (I started my day with those banana muffins at 6am.)

So now I am eating a bed of spinach with cheddar cheese, pieces of turkey, pecan halves, and blue cheese dressing. And shoot! How did that Reese's cup get into my mouth after that salad?!

One thing you will never see me do that my husband does everyday for breakfast is make a smoothie. Unless it is wine, I am weird about drinking my calories. I would much rather just eat the fruit then blend it up. I have become really aware of what works for my body and whatever right?!?

Okay so then for dinner it is burgers. Since I have long work days, my dinner meal plans consist of something for my grill master husband. So he makes dinner tonight and I have my burger sans bun accompanied by some easy broccoli and cheese!

Day 2:
Not a work day! I start out with a glass of water and two pieces of deli meat turkey. Haha! Then I head to a workout class. I come back and eat some of that deli turkey wrapped with mayo, cheese, and lettuce.

More water. A handful of my favorite snack (semisweet chocolate chips and lightly salted almonds) Then I am off to my hair appointment!

I come home and grab some more of my chocolate chips/almond mixture and start on dinner. Kevin comes home and we eat some stuffed bell peppers.

Day 3:
Another day off work. A glass of water and then I make some scrambled eggs with cheese.

I blog a little bit and then make myself some tuna and put it over lettuce.

Catching up on some Real Housewives and more blogging. Oops, and a Reese's cup. (or 4)

I start the laundry. Clean the kitchen. Go to the gym, grocery shop, come back home and then finish the laundry. I drink a ton (600 ml) of my peach tea and have some pieces of turkey deli meat.

Dinner comes along and I make my husband's favorite Enchiladas. I keep some of the sauce and put it over some shredded chicken and cheese for me. In addition to this dinner, he now has lunches for the next couple of days!

Day 4:
It is a another work day! Cream Cheese pancakes this morning for me! I did really bad getting away and realize at 1pm that I haven't drank anything when I realize I haven't peed.

I grab my tuna and lettuce salad out of the fridge after downing some water. The rest of the day I snack, snack. snack and eat A TON of the almond and chocolate chip mixture.

Water happens here and there and work is done. I am on my way to a pub to meet some friends for Geeks Who Drink (anyone else into that?!).

I of course have a glass of wine and couple of bites of my husband's barbecue bacon burger. I know I shouldn't have, especially because that is his dinner. No worries, he has fries on the side that he devours and I have zero bites of. haha!

I really hope this helps you with what you eat during the day!

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