August 8, 2016

5 Things I Buy Used and 5 Things I Don't Buy Used

Purchasing items secondhand is just plain smart and a huge budget saver. But that is not always the case. While you may think you're getting a deal on that item secondhand it may be full of of problems. Here is a short list of 5 items to buy used and 5 items you should just buy brand new.

This also goes with my post of things I splurge on and things I save on!
5 Items to Buy Used

Cell Phones
A refurbished, and even a just plain used cell phone, is seriously just as good. The value of cell phones depreciate so rapidly. For half the price, I will take last years model. It serves its purpose just fine for me! People will say that people can leave nasty software on cell phones, but a factory reset on a cell phone is as simple as it comes. Plus, cell phones undergo a lot of wear and tear shortening their lifespan. You can drop them and break them. Therefore, you don't need the newest one...

We have purchased all of our vehicles used and have saved tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Seeing as vehicles are items that depreciate in value--don't spend all your hard earned money on them.

Bikes, especially kid bikes are a great item to buy used. Kids outgrow bikes like shoes so chances are you are going to want to buy them as cheap as you can! But adults, don't count yourself out. Mine works perfectly great!

Don't ever pay full price for your textbooks! And unless you just absolutely HAVE to be the first one to read your favorite book series don't buy books brand new either! You can rent them from the library, buy digital, or buy used!

I am not saying I have done this with every piece of furniture I have, but good money can be saved by purchasing good quality secondhand furniture. Shopping on Craig's List is a great way for me to find really great quality furniture. Always check for structural damage, broken drawers and shelves, or chips off the corners. You can even re-paint it and re-furnish it if you get it for a good enough deal! I did that with my bedroom drawers!

Bonus: Houses
Personally I don't need to build my home new, I can take old and make it new! I love it!

5 Items Not to Buy Used

Makeup and Perfume
Don't buy used makeup - sanitary and health reasons fit in here. You don't want to get an infection or some bizarre disease because you were too cheap to spend a few bucks on makeup. Additionally, don't buy used perfume! You don't know how old it is, how long it's been open, if anything else has been added to it, etc.

Understuffs and Shoes
Underwear, socks, swimsuits & lingerie - just don't do it. Ew gross, oh and shoes (in addition to gross) will be poor fitting because they are often formed to someone else's feet.

Bike Helmets
The bikes are usually okay, but bike helmets are not expensive and safety first here! You wear a helmet to protect your head so don't wear one that you buy used because of the possibility of damage. Especially a child's helmet! It may look in great condition but you can't tell if it's taken a hit! And who knows who's sweaty head was in it before...

I didn't even know some people buy them used, but I am sorry...I think it is a big no no. It is hard to tell if car tires were once part of a wreck and if they have been in an accident, they can be unstable and unreliable. That is not safe. To me, it is like driving on the spare, you can do it, but you shouldn't do it all the time.

So like a cell phone, a TV depreciates in value, but I always buy the latest and greatest so that it lasts the longest. Unlike a cell phone, a TV just sits there and doesn't get worn and dropped like a cell phone does. As for laptops, unless I have a really reputable source I don't buy used laptops. Mechanical hard drives have a limited life span and are more prone to die the older they get. Plus if you don't know how to do all the reformatting and reinstalling, you could find some nasty software lurking...

What do you buy used versus new?

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  1. I didn't know you could buy tires used but then again that shouldn't shock me, ha!


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