August 3, 2016

A Better Ponytail

So in getting ready for work, most of the time I want to spend as little effort in my hair and makeup as possible. But then there are days where I still wanna look somewhat decent.

What is a girl to do? Come up with lazy ways to get a desired effort.

As a nurse, my hair out of my face is a must. Here are my top five ways to have my hair up and looking good!

Use a Big Clip
This is my husband's favorite way to have my hair!

Low and Loose
This happens for me most often. This works for those of us who have hair that just wants to lie flat no matter what we do to give it volume. So embrace it and just put it in a very low, loose pony. Put it back or to the side and enjoy!

Fake it
I mean...we all do it, right?! We put a butterfly clip under our ponytail and it just looks higher and fuller.

Braid it Up
Whether it be a french braid, side braid, or two braids, this is the most effective way of keeping all hair out of my face and looks great!

When all Else Fails...
Put it half up, half down. I see some girls on Instagram who have that down to an art form. I use the above mentioned butterfly clip and can usually get it to look decent. Worth a shot right?!

What do you do to get fast an easy updos?

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