August 19, 2016


I have just enjoyed the heck out of myself watching swimming in the Olympics. I swam in high school, and while I miss it, I do not miss the training. But all that aside, I don't know if I could have done any other sport. I liked the aspect that I trained for myself, I swam for myself and no one else. Now while that sounds selfish, let me explain...

When I am on my own, I speed whenever I want. I build a steady pace whenever I want. I push myself to go faster. I could also let my mind wander. Sometimes I would be too busy thinking, that I would forget how bad my legs were hurting and would just keep going.

I get weird sometimes when I am really working with someone else. I will slow down, my mind will tell me I can't do anymore, I compare myself and therefore, my confidence dips. Sometimes I would think "just give up because you can’t go that fast."

Which, when you think about, is a pretty good reflection on life.

My younger sisters did tennis. My youngest sister I think was like me. When I would watch her play, if she was playing someone good, her serves, hits, basically her whole game-was good. When she played someone who was not as good as her, she "played down".

I think sometimes when we focus on our own pace, our own creativity, our own pains or passions,our own plans, our own goals–that is when we do the greatest things. When our confidence is highest is when we achieve the most.

Especially in this day of social media, comparisons happen. We all scroll through our various social media feeds comparing ourselves. We all do it, but it is knowing when you need to only compare yourself to yourself. Everyone is on different swims in this life (so to speak) and you can only do what is ultimately best for you.

How do you do that? Focus on your own achievements, your own successes and your own pace. That is how you move forward. You may not be the fastest in the pool, but you are the best because you are doing it in your own way.

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