August 17, 2016

Easy Appetizers

I love a good appetizer! I think part of entertaining is be able to think on the fly. Some of the time when you entertain, you realize that there are a lot of of times where you need to entertain on the fly and just use what you have. You don't have time to go to the grocery store, so you have to improvise. So these are yummy appetizers for the everyday, unexpected need with items you have in your fridge.

Blue Cheese Tomatoes:

Slice a tomato and top with blue cheese crumbles for a flavor profile that is out of this world.

Ranch and Cheese Peppers:

Chop green bell peppers and cover with ranch dressing. Then top with slices of Parmesan cheese and enjoy the zing with every bite!

Peanut Butter Celery:

Oh what, you do this already for your kids?! Well, I am kind of like a kid...but I don't like raisins and I didn't have chocolate chips, so I did not add ants to the log.

Besides ordering in pizza, what do you make when you have surprise guests?


  1. I looove peanut butter and celery but always forget about it!

  2. Peanut Butter & Celery will always be my "go to" comfort snack.



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