August 26, 2016

Five on Friday: Football Edition

Today I need some distraction. I have a leak in my roof and about doubled over when I found out the repair price. I am getting a second opinion today, but in the mean time I need something happy to think about. How about football?!

I am so ready for some football! Nothing makes me happier than cooler weather, fantasy football and Sundays on the couch! And when there are days the NFL has games in London, it is even more amazing because I start watching football in bed! I love it!

So since I can't stop thinking about football, here is a Five on Friday: Football Edition!
Tomorrow is my Fantasy Football draft. Everyone has different advice, but here is my one tip for all of you out there. All too often I see people freak/rush when something like tight ends start getting taken and then you abandon your next pick because "oh no, all the tight ends are getting taken." Don't fall for it! Stay calm, cool, and collected and get those big running backs and wide receivers that are going to score you the points! Other than that piece of advice, here is a guide to rocking your fantasy football league this year!

Speaking of the draft, since I host the draft party, I gotta prep not only who I want, but I also have to prep some food! You can also try any my tried and true favorites for football season all listed in one place here!

What are the chances that my boss will give me the schedule I want during football season for the optimal football/social schedule...we will soon find out! haha!

Speaking of my schedule, I work during the season opener. Denver vs. Carolina. I am hoping to get sent home early that day. I asked my husband if he would wait to watch the game with me and his answer...hell no! Denver Broncos always win in this house...

And while NFL is my bread and butter, I will cheer for my college teams! Go Ohio State and Arizona! I hopefully will have some good tailgates this fall. Check out my tailgating basics for a sure fire awesome time!

Okay, not football related, but sports related. I watched so much during the Olympics. Maybe for my couch potato status, it is a good thing that it only comes on every four years! Apart from swimming, diving and women's gymnastics were my favorite to watch.

Are you ready for some football?!
What were your favorite Olympic events to watch?

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  1. I hear ya on the roof but instead of roof put basement - we are having water issues that we realized weren't disclosed when we purchased house :/ Its not pretty, not to mention its a finished basement :(


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