August 12, 2016

Five On Friday: Life Lately

I have been meaning to write a "life lately" post to share some of our most recent happenings but instead I'll condense it into the top 5 today!

We had my husband's cousins and sister in town for the weekend! It is always a fun time! We went on a little hiking and played lots of games and ate lots of food! Sorry for picture overload.

Did you know that a little store called Nordstrom is having a sale? Yeah, me neither. Seriously I am a little tired of hearing about it. Or maybe just jealous because I wish Marshalls and Home Goods would let me constantly blog about them. I do follow a few fashion bloggers and really enjoy seeing their posts about upcoming trends, but damn, all I am hearing is Nordstrom!

This fall is going to be amazing on TV. I mean first and foremost, it is almost finally football season! I am so stoked! Oh and then all the fall season shows: Gilmore Girls, Scream Queens, The Blacklist, 24, Grey's Anatomy, Hawaii 5-0, Madam Secretary, Modern Family, and then after that Orphan Black and House of Cards in the spring next year. I swear it sounds like I do nothing but watch TV...

I can't imagine living more than 4.5 hours away from my family. Things happen and you just want to be close to family. I have said it before, and I will say it again...everyone with a good momma will learn...
The Olympics have my attention! Swimming of course has been my favorite. I love all the swimmers and could write about each and every one of them, but I do have to say that I love that Lilly King is taking a stand on the sport being built on honesty and integrity was just perfect!

What are your favorite TV shows that you are excited to see again?
What is your favorite Olympic event?


  1. My favourite Olympic sports are always the ones where the smaller countries send their teams. That is, my favourite bit of the opening ceremony is when the team from Bullamakankastan comes in, and you see that they've sent a wrestler and a target shooter, say. I think it's great when you see those competitors going head to head with the big competitors like the USA or Australia, and even better when they win. However you look at it, that's gutsy!

  2. I love watching olympic swimming and gymnastics :) Go USA!!!

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