August 31, 2016

How To Stay Energized All Day

One time on the radio, I heard a talk show guy who said that personality tests showed that people who like really bitter tastes (like black coffee) have some of the same personality traits as serial killers. The talk show host says that may be true (as a black coffee drinker) but he said the people that really scare him are the people that are able to function without any coffee. I found that funny because...I am that person. There are ways that aren't reaching for caffeine that can help you feel and stay energized all day long!
Stay Hydrated
This seems like a no brainer, but I feel fatigue quickly when I am even slightly dehydrated. My girlfriend at Chicistry has some good tips to stay hydrated!

Get Outside
Sometimes this is hard for us nurses sometimes with unorthodox hours, but just getting outside for even 10 minutes...even when the weather is gloomy can help. Just take a few deep breaths and enjoy the fresh air.

Have Some Chocolate
Yep. I think that little sugar rush can give you some zing. It is my mood boosting supplement (for better or for worse...) Peppermint makes people either sneeze of puts you at ease. For me it simulates me so I combine that with chocolate and am rocking and ready to go!

Eat Breakfast
Even if it is light, just eat a little something

Get a Good Night Sleep
Everyone has different amounts of sleep they need, so find what works for you and get that every night!

Turn Up The Music
This is the best way to instantly lift your mood and feel energized.

Cool Down The Shower
I am not telling you to take cold showers, but if you can get your shower a little cooler than scalding hot, it will give you the benefits of waking you up and of even making your skin and hair shine.

Get Your Labs Checked
If none of the above is working, check your iron, magnesium, and vitamin D levels. When those are low, you can feel slow and sluggish.

What do you do to keep yourself feeling energized all day?


  1. My husband doesn't drink coffee very often and it's something I like to have every morning and it always baffles me that he doesn't drink it. Though sometimes I think I like it more for the taste vs. it actually waking me up.

  2. Working out helps me feel energized. If I don't work out, I feel so blah for the whole day!

  3. I keep moving bc downtime is what makes me sleep, hence why on Friday nights we are out early ;)


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