August 5, 2016

San Xavier Mission

San Xavier Mission is a beautiful landmark right outside Tucson, Arizona. It was built by Tohono O'Odham laborers. The frescoes and religious icons just are beautiful and brilliant. In a desert the bright white building is just striking! Still today mass is held here serving the native community for which it was built.

The most noticeable thing about the mission is that the east tower was never finished because the builders ran out of money. The whole church is unfinished and you will see that because some of the murals are done in pencil.

Outside of the mission you will see ramadas. Ocotillo cactus branches are the roof of the ramada and under you will find some amazing fry bread that you just have to try. I make some homemade fry bread for my Navajo Tacos, but trust me, this bread is worth it!

You can look out over the mission walls and explore the hill next to the mission and see Tucson out in the background.

Until next time San Xavier!

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