August 15, 2016

That Time Lauren Won

So remember March Madness? Yeah well, picture this...March Madness is about to start and I am filling out a bracket to compete with my husband. While I am filling out this bracket, I really just want to write is it fantasy football season yet?!?

But no, I fill it out guessing as I go because...not a big watcher of basketball. Here were some of my thoughts:

Wait, The Ohio State isn't in it?!
Oh well let's pick that school, at least I have heard of them.
Oh sure, I'll pick Dayton...its in Ohio and the coach is the brother of U of A basketball's coach. (yeah that pick didn't work for me...)

Anyway, after all was said and done I wanted some increased stakes, so I told Kevin that the bracket loser had to plan a date for the bracket winner. Really a win win because we get to go on a date no matter what, but boy was I happy when KEVIN had to plan a date for ME!

I could not believe that my pick to win UNC did not win. That was quite the end of the game!

Anyway, life has been busy, but, I finally got my date!

He took me shopping and then to dinner! It was great! I did buy a bed for the guest bedroom and I can't wait to finish that room! And show you all!

I don't know if I have ever had to wait so long to receive my bet winnings.
I should have charged interest...


  1. You're not alone, Keith is the same way! Glad you got your date, haha :)

  2. I'm not a big basketball fan, but always like march madness and filling out a bracket and I almost always end up beating my husband, by random luck and it drives him crazy! haha. So glad you finally got to cash in on your winnings-- love the date idea!


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