August 24, 2016

What's In My Day Hike Backpack

A day hike to me just seems so beautiful and so easy. The feeling of just grabbing the car keys and heading out is exciting. When the time comes and I just want to get out and go, I want to think very little about what mother nature may throw at me during my outing, so I have things I always keep in my pack. Of course, depending on where I am hiking (weather and travel conditions) and the length of my hike, somethings may be added to my pack. None of these items seem to ever get subtracted though!

Here are the items I always have. I may not be a boy scout, but I always wanna be prepared!

You are working harder and so breathing harder will cause a chapped lips.

I am white and I am outdoors and I don't want any more skin cancer. Put on your first layer before you even leave!

A Knife:
Something I feel like I should keep just in case.

Because you always should have some of those! My favorite part of my pack! Almonds often fill me up so a mix of almonds and chocolate chips are usually always making an appearance at the bottom of my bag.

You never know when you will need a spare pair! (that rhymes) Plus if they get wet, nothing feels better than some warm, dry socks.

Cover your face from the sun and heat. Plus it covers the ugly and sweat.

If you start to feel yourself get a blister, you should immediately stop and cover with a bandaid. I keep a couple of different sizes and some triple antibiotic ointment in case something were to happen.

Small Flashlight:
Keeping a small one doesn't take a lot of space and it feels like something I should have.

And bonus, outside of my pack, I always bring a friend. I enjoy company and then heaven forbid anything happens, someone else is there.

As for my packs, my day pack is an old camel back and if I need something bigger I have an old medium sized outdoor gear backpack and then for actual backpacking trips (which I hope to go on my first soon) I will use my husband's old backpack. So nothing really to suggest in terms of what pack to use.

What are your go to essentials when you hike?
Do you have any backpacks you like?

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  1. Lovely post! I love peanut M&M's too ;)

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