September 2, 2016

Five Organizational Tips For Fall

Fall is just around the corner. I am more excited than ever! Every fall I go through some storage issues. I take out all my seasonal stuffs and always add to the collection of seasonal decorations. This can make for a pretty cramped storage situation. I only have mine and my husband's things to store, but I am a true believer that you can find easy and simple storage solutions for any sized family.

If you are in need of getting organized this fall or need to put that car back in the garage, here are five organizational tips to get you ready for fall!

Bring Order to Your Garage
I read that one-third of Americans can't pull their car into their garage. Maybe because of the nice weather, but I swear that number is higher in Arizona. But seriously...the heat on your paint! Oh and cars are decently expensive! Point is, weather is hard and you should be able to store your car in your garage. Building a shelving/storage solution in your garage can be an easy way to store and keep your garage organized.

I am all for compartments. I do this with my utensils and other various drawers. I find this makes me less likely to have dedicated junk drawers.

Use a Spreadsheet
Honestly I have tried keeping things in boxes and putting a list or a couple of words on what is in the box on the outside. Then storage needs change and sometimes what goes in each bin or box changes. I like putting a number on each one of my bins and boxes and putting into Google Docs what is in each box by number. It keeps my holiday decorations very well organized. Then if I need something specific, I can easily search the file to find something!

Self Storage
This can be the most realistic option. You can use these for things you won't need this fall like lawn mowers, off season sports equipment, and just to plain de-clutter. You can clean your home without purging things you can't yet part with and still have them close by. If you are in Arizona or Nevada, space at Desert Storage is a great option. They have all sizes units and a great storage space estimator! You can store your car if you really can't de-clutter that garage. They even have wine storage which is right up my alley! I have had wine stored incorrectly due to space constraints and it does go bad! What a waste!

Thanks to Desert Storage for sponsoring this post! All thoughts, styling, and writing are my own.

What are some of your fall storage solutions for staying organized?

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