September 30, 2016


Can I get a hooray for making it to Friday?! Arizona hasn't really cooled down despite all my fall welcoming efforts. Thankfully with work, I am heading into a long weekend that is going to consist of cooler temperatures (with the smell of chile in the air), watching football, seeing family, and relaxing for me! I am more than okay with that! Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Fill me in, if so!

My "I love driving so much face" above and a rare Instagram story. Hopefully reformatting my phone will take care of my issues I have been having posting on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. When I try my phone just completely freezes. Here's hoping....

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I can't believe September is over tomorrow! The year is flying - have a great weekend!!

  2. the only plans i had for this weekend were to finish writing a chapter, which didn't happen, but on the way home this evening after a failed attempt to complete said chapter and viewing tom hanks' latest film, sully, an idea of potential merit came to me, so... hopefully tomorrow, i can nail it down. cross your fingers for me. :]


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