September 16, 2016

Three Things To Do Before You Go On Vacation

Vacations are important for everyone. Everyone should get out and explore! But before traveling and after you pack, there are things that you should do before you head out. To protect your home, here are my before vacation checklist items that ensure I leave a prepared house with as few worries as possible.

Let Your Water Heater Take a Vacation Too
Water heaters use a lot of water and can spend a lot of energy (read $$) keeping at a good temperature. Simply flip the switch before you leave and flip it back on when you get home. It should take at most 20 minutes for it to heat back up to normal.

Turn Your Thermostat Up or Down
Another thing you don't want to be using too much of while you're away is your AC. In the summer I set my thermostat to 92 because going above that is just yucky for my house. I honestly don't care how cold it gets when I am travelling in the winter, so I just make sure the heat isn't on. Personally I have Nest so I can set my settings to away and be rest assured. If I am not, I can communicate with my smartphone. This can give me a piece of mind to change the temperature or check for abnormal temps. (Like if it is winter and the house is hot...go have a friend check it out for you...)

Embrace Technology
I totally have and love that we have home monitoring. We can check in via smartphone on our house. There is plenty of great gear out there for everyone to have a well watched home. And technology doesn't stop at monitoring. Lights are a great way to give the appearance that you are home and so automatic lights and lights that turn on with movement are a great thing to have!

What do you do before you leave for a vacation?
Who's ready for a vacation?


  1. I never thought about the water heater! We always take care of the thermostat, but we should start thinking about the water heater, too - great tip!

  2. I'm ready for a vacation!! Where we going?

    We turn the water off at our family lake condo when it's not in use but never thought about it at my house. I do do the temp thing already!


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