September 26, 2016

Visiting Oregon: Columbia River Valley

I had a spur of the moment vacation flying into Portland, Oregon. Now while I did not spend any time in Portland--Oregon served me well!

Remember how I said spur of the moment?! Well, so spur of the moment, that I forgot my camera. There are plenty of posts on travel out there, but I still thought I would do blog posts with my camera phone pictures. Who am I kidding anyway....almost every photo on this blog is a camera phone photo. And if you have interesting vacation photos and thoughts that you want to share, you should go for it!

So okay, thanks for your rant just share your trip!

Also, I tried to post a little on Instagram/Snapchat, but I am probably the only person in the world who only has 150 megabytes of data. Yeah, not a lot.

But for a great little trip, I highly recommend doing the Columbia River Highway. Here are the highlights:

Start at the Crown Point Vista House: A beautiful stone exterior and marble interior makes for a beautiful building. The name Vista House is appropriate because on a beautiful day, the views are just great!

Latourell Falls: This is the first major waterfall on your drive. You can access a view point to the falls by going on a very short moderate hike. After that, go further and trek even higher for an amazing waterfall experience. This was my favorite!

Bridal Veil Falls: This is a beautiful two tier waterfall that has a short and easy pathway that leads to the falls.

Wahkeena Falls: There is a small short paved trail from the parking lot to a misty falls. You can go past that and walk the Multnomah-Wahkeena Loop Trail. I opted to just drive to Multnomah to save my time hiking to see more waterfalls.

Multnomah Falls: This is the tallest waterfall in Oregon and the second tallest year round waterfall in the US (I don't know what the first is.) It is tiered and classic. The view points are easy walks from the parking area. This is the most popular falls and therefore, the most people will be here.

Oneonta Falls: So we were running short on time after being so enamored with all the falls before this one. So we did not go here. So sad! Next time for sure! This is supposed to be one of the best! You hike through a slot canyon to get to some beautiful falls.

Horsetail Falls: Right of the road this is a beautiful fall that is calm enough to be peaceful but strong enough to be astonishing. 

 All these beautiful waterfalls are getting me excited to explore Iceland like my girl Andrea! One day...but till then, Oregon is beautiful and I would love to go back!

Have you ever explored Oregon?

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  1. I've never been to Oregon but this looks like such a gorgeous place!


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