October 28, 2016

Arizona Summer

I know I reference summer way too often. It is just really hot. Hot like...I am melting from the inside out and I may actually be dying hot. There are all these great pictures of people enjoying their summers or commercials where families are joyfully basking in the sun while enjoying a burgers and a casual game of croquet? Nope, not here....plus you preferably need grass with croquet and we don't have that here. BUMMER! With that said, we really have it quite good around here. I don't have to experience any of the scary parts of weather. The only weather we have is in the summer. 
Don't let this beautiful picture fool you. Arizona has two seasons: Hot and A Little Less Hot.

Hopefully our hot and sweaty summer is coming to an end. It was long, but I am ready to get out and explore my beautiful Arizona without heat stroke! Maybe next weekend will be it!

Stay tuned!
What's everyone's plan for the weekend?


  1. Enjoy! We got lots of halloween stuff planned this weekend, cant wait!

  2. When summer rolls around here (in about 4-6 weeks from now) I begin to understand the appeal of the worship of the Aten in ancient Egypt. Notwithstanding that it's uncomfortable, there's something cleansing and morally disinfecting in "The Sun That Leaves No Shadows". I think that's why I like running on 40C/110F days: it strips away everything that's unnecessary in how you see the life.


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