October 31, 2016

My First Halloween

I don't have kids (well I guess you all have guessed that by now) so I am in this middle stage with Halloween. Sure it was fun in college and it will be even more fun when I do have kids, but for now, I keep Halloween pretty low key. I mean so low key, that my plans are to work. Apparently people have a lot of fun and EVERYONE always wants Halloween off of work. I have been shafted every year, but really have no excuse to not work. I just wish it was time and a half...

So since I have been robbed of a holiday this year, I am kind of surly and I will just think of things I will do that I will enjoy more than my Halloween:
1. Go to the store the day after Halloween and buy all of the candy for half price.
2. Watch people who dress in costumes that they would never find appropriate any other day of the year.
3. Not dress up. Something about "Hi, I am your nurse today" should not say "follow they yellow brick road" or whatever else any costume would say...
4. Snuggle in bed with my husband.
5. Decorate the outside of my house and station my husband to pass out candy. (Hopefully not too fast like he did last year...)
6. Do my hair for work.
6. Fast forward to Thanksgiving (which I work) and Christmas. They are just the best holidays after all.
7. Look for some extra shifts to pick up. The holidays are coming.
8. Think twice about picking up extra shifts. Winter is coming...the busy season for my hospital and our statement far before Game of Thrones.
9. Bake something pumpkin. It is about time. Better late than never, right?
10. Do my nails

What else should I be doing since I won't be celebrating Halloween?


  1. I hope work was good... What a bummer you weren't able to give out candy... Or go to a party... Or something like that.

  2. I considered buying candy and freezing it for next year...however my brain would know its there and it probably wouldn't last ;)


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