October 7, 2016

Visiting The Oregon Coast

So we went and visited Oregon! We did wine country and we did some hiking, but we also went to the coast! The weather was of course sans sun. It was cold for this Arizona girl and I could not believe that there was a surf competition going on at the beach. The announcer made a joke that we should all be ready and wearing our sunscreen and that there was a great sale of it. Guess you had to be there, but it was really funny.

Anyway here is how we did the Oregon Coast:

Pacific City: Cape Kiwanda
The above half funny story was here. There was also this big dune that people were climbing. I work out. My husband doesn't. We could try it....
It was all easy for him and for some reason I about died and was sinking in the sand.
Plus, the photos do not make it look steep. It is very steep...

But when you do finally get up there, the view is worth it!
If the weather was nicer, I would have explored it more.

Cape Meares
Now I am sure there are lots of great hiking trails for all of these capes, but weather permitting. I am a fair weather hiker for sure! But we stopped at the Octopus Tree. It is a short walk with some pretty views. Also there is another walk we took to the Cape Meares Lighthouse. There are only certain days that you can go into the actual lighthouse itself. Because of that, when open, there are too many people. We took a picture outside and opted not to go in.

Cape Lookout
Since weather wasn't great there was not a lot of exploring. But there is a beach. campsites, and a couple of nature trails.

Tillamook Factory
We were close enough that we decided we must stop at Tillamook. Probably would have been a cooler experience if we came on a weekday when the factory production was going on. We did get to sample some of their amazing free cheese and learn some pretty neat facts though.

Have you been to the Oregon coast?
Where else on the north Oregon coast should people go?


  1. Neat pictures! That's usually how things work out, in terms of hiking etc when one works out the other is able to do it better, ha!

  2. i love these photos, lauren. thanks for sharing them.


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