October 10, 2016

Who Goes To A Pumpkin Patch And Never Gets Anything?

The answer would be this girl. My family's family friends (you get that?) own this amazing pumpkin patch and corn maze in my hometown. Many members of my family over the years have worked it as a seasonal job and so often every year I go and walk around.

Of all the years, I have only ever bought one thing. This:
So see, I technically have bought a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!! ;-)

But that aside, I would love to buy all the mums and pumpkins I can, but sometimes I get lazy about carving as I mentioned here. Plus carting them all the way back to Arizona. Lazy person, party of one.

Plus every Halloween working as a nurse (starting in 2012) I have worked Halloween. Once again I am scheduled to work this year. Can't catch a break!

What fall festivities do partake and not partake in?


  1. I don't ever carve pumpkins. Too messy. And I am over dressing up. Too old.

    I do partake in burning all the fall candles, drinking too many PSL's, and decorating our front porch with mums and pumpkins.

  2. Uh this girl is in the same boat as you! Heck I went apple picking and didn't get one single apple because they looked like dirt :(

  3. I always purchase too much at the pumpkin patch! I can't stop myself. Ha ha!


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