November 18, 2016

5 Rules For Guests When Invited to Dinner

Tis the season for invites to dinner and parties! I shared some ideas for dishes if you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, but what about what is needed when you are going to someone else's house for dinner? Here is what you need to know:

Be Ontime:
I know this sounds like a big old "duh", but coming late or early can be oddly imposing on the host.

Don't Bring a Dish Unless Asked:
The host is the one whom plans the menu and works hard on that, so while your mashed potatoes may be great, she already has it.

Make Yourself Useful:
Offer to come early and prep. Do not take offense if you are told no. Once there, it is polite to ask if there is anything you can do, but do so only with permission from the host.

Bring a Beverage:
You can ask if there is any specific beer, wine, or nightcap the guest would like. If nothing specific is listed, bring something you think the host would like. Remember, white wine should come to a party chilled.

Bring a Gift:
If you are instructed to "just bring yourself", bring something small. No one ever gets mad when you show up with something with nice thought. Here are some ideas of things a host would love to receive:

Flowers: Bring them in a vase and trimmed already so the host does not have to attend to them. Sometimes I like even a simple mason jar, because it is a jar I don't mind giving up.

A Special Bottle of Wine: This is a fancy one that has a note for the host to enjoy it later when there are not as many relatives there that the host has to share it with.

Edible Sweets and Treats: Compound butters, cheeses, crackers, fruits, pancake mixes, chocolates, etc...are all great for the host to put away for another time.

Others: Candles and notebooks are always good little ideas 

Hosts and guests, what else would you recommend?
Happy partying!


  1. i was in a bible study this past summer, and if it was at someone's house, i was usually the first one to get there because i'm always late, and i didn't want to make that mistake with these girls. it never occurred to me that early's not a bad thing, but i see now how it could be. thanks for pointing that out. :]

  2. Very good tips! I definitely don't like it when people show up early and I'm still trying to get things together. I have gotten better at letting people help out and try to think of a couple of tasks I can let someone do if they ask to help.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it is hard because you know people just want to help (as you do when you go to someone's house) but you have your way of doing things and it is hard to incorporate other people in the flow.


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