November 4, 2016

After Travel

Happy Friday! We are back from our trip to Italy! It was an incredible adventure and all too fast I am heading back to life as I know it.
I am bringing back a heart full of love for the world, a mind full of exciting new thoughts, ideas, a camera full of memories, and a ton of extra weight (let's not talk about that last one).

But I would like to cover it of course here. It was an incredible trip. It may be a while seeing as there was so much we did and are coming back to. I learned a lot. I know a lot of people encourage solo travelling, but I would never. Family and friends are irreplaceable and they are the ones I want to share these moments with. I could go to the beach, eat whatever I want, etc...but I want to laugh and love it with someone. Thank you to Kevin for doing such an amazing trip with me. 

I can't wait now for the holiday season at home. Home may not always be my home, but home is also where your people are. I am excited. This means shopping with my mom, laughing with my sisters, and eating with my dad.

So all and all, there is beauty out there, go see it. But I do always have this want after travel to just be home. Almost needing a vacation from my vacation. Right now I have lots of laundry and time that I wanna spend with the ones I love.

Who wants to come do laundry for me?
What are your weekend plans?

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