November 25, 2016

How To Survive Holidays Away From Your Family

As a nurse, I have written about working holidays. I work holidays every year. As a nurse, I spend a lot of holidays away from my family. To be honest, sometimes when I spend them away, I get into these moods where I don't look forward to the holiday. But sometimes, you just want to make everything feel as normal as possible, so buck up buttercup! This year I am so lucky to only have to work Thanksgiving and no Christmas or New Years (at this point at least). This is a first! 

I was talking to a friend who is unable to afford a plane ticket home to celebrate/spend the holiday season with her family. So whether you are working or just unable to spend a holiday with your family, here is how to survive it! This is applicable to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, whatever big holiday it is that you are spending away from your family.
Let's face it, a lot of the amazing parts of holidays include amazing meals. If you don't want to make your ham or turkey, place an order for one to go! I have even done this with some of my work colleagues! Who says you can't have a holiday potluck?! Make sure you have too much food. Leftovers are a traditional holiday necessity!

Do Something Untraditional:
Since you don't have a house full of family to sit and socialize with, turn your day (or days around the holiday) into a holiday by getting up and going out and exploring! Go hiking, out to a fancy dinner, volunteering at a soup kitchen, whatever you want!

Start a New Tradition:
Somethings don't need to be celebrated the day of and sometimes retaining a semblance of tradition can help your holiday spirits. Watch that favorite Christmas movie in PJs every year, make cookies, go look at Christmas lights, write a letter to each other about what you are thankful for; whatever you want!

Celebrate Early With Friends:
Try a Christmas cookie exchange or white elephant. Do a favorite things party, Friendsgiving, or adult Easter party. Whatever you do, find good company!

Take lots of pictures. You never know when your worst holiday will turn into your most memorable!

What do you do when you celebrate holidays away from family?

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  1. We do the same thing - make up new traditions! We also try to invite whomever is needing a family or can't be with theirs to join us. All fun!


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