November 16, 2016

Lauren's Guide To Friendsgiving

Today we are talking about Friendsgiving. The past 3 years I have hosted my friends before the actual event. Usually this is before two actual events; one being at my parents and the other with my husband's family. Because why can’t we feast multiple times in the month of November? It seems like the right thing to do.

Unfortunately I work the day of, but leftovers at my parents sound good too. At our Friendsgiving, everyone brings a side dish or dessert and I handle turkey, cranberry, and wine. Oh and this year, I made lime bars. I have a ton of limes and am trying to use them all. I am working on getting you the perfect recipes, but it is lime trial and error over in this house.

It is always a great time with a great group of friends. Oh and lots of laughs. Here are my tips on how to throw a fun and delicious Friendsgiving:

Send Invites:
While this dinner may not be as formal as your actual Thanksgiving dinners can be, you should send out invitations.Since there is an actual sit down dinner component to this party, I think having a solid number of guests let's me know how many people to prepare for. I send my invite through email. Every year, my guest list has changed slightly and so everyone replies all so we know that 2 people aren't both bringing pumpkin pie.

Go Grocery Shopping:
This may seem like an obvious "duh", but hear me out. There was one year I did not go grocery shopping soon enough and had to thaw the turkey very slowly with cold water. Whatever you are making, make sure you have enough room in the oven and more than enough food for all.

Set The Table:
This one is always a hard one for me because I am a person who is indecisive when it comes to shopping and has an odd sized table. Therefore, I do not have the white table cloth or set of chargers that I want. Never the less, I like to try and set out flowers and set the table nicely.

Make Sure Drinks Are Plenty:
The last thing you want to be doing is mixing, pouring, getting drinks for your guests all night. You can mix up a big signature cocktail for a punch bowl, mix up some apple cider, and have your wines and beers already up and ready (friends are always helpful and know how to use a corkscrew and bottle opener). I also (especially when people are drinking) make sure there is enough water for everyone.

Sit Back And Relax:
I will admit, this has been made easier by hosting this party more than once, but things will take care of themselves. I don't worry anymore about my table not looking like Pinterest, or having the perfectly crafted decor and presentation...and guess what?!? Neither do my friends. They do not worry at all! Generally there are leftovers and people take home what they want. We spend the time laughing and even have a funny tradition of everyone hiding their name tags around my house. Usually with something dirty on it (this all started the first year when my cursive J looked like a penis to someone. I assure you, it did not.) Would I have ever guessed that finding papers with dirty body parts drawn on them would be a result of hosting a dinner? Heck no, but when you sit back and relax and worry less, the party can take care of itself!

And remember to:
TAKE PICTURES! I honestly do not take enough and forget a lot. I mean this year I remembered to take a picture of the group AFTER three people left. I took pictures of the table before the festivities, but NONE of the food or rest of the fun. Learn from me and snap pics all night! I figure I would rather have too many instead of too little pictures.

So eat, drink, and have fun!
Happy Friendsgiving!

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  1. I so want to do this once we get our house going - maybe next year!


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