November 30, 2016

My Desert Backyard

I love where I live! When I moved into my house I found a new love for the Southwest. It is so nice to have Saguaro National Park basically in my backyard. Having beautiful mountains, hiking, and a different type of green.

The saguaro is a universal simple of the southwest and Saguaro National Park is the place to go if you want to see them!

Saguaro National Park is located in Tucson, Arizona. The park has two sections. Both have visitors centers and amazing mountains. The west side has the Tucson Mountains and the east side has the Rincon Mountains. The best time to visit is when the weather is cool. This is October-April. Many people who go other times often get in trouble with the heat.

The biggest question I get about the park is "If I only have time to go to one section, which do I go to?" This is a hard question to answer, but I am going to try and help with that! If you can only visit one, use the guide below to find your park.

Better to Drive: East (Cactus Forest Loop Drive 8.3 miles).

Better to Camp:  Toss Up. You cannot camp in Saguaro National Park. In Saguaro West there is Gilbert Ray Campground that is only 3 miles from the park. That is closer than Saguaro East which has the nearest campground 6 miles away.

Better to Hike: West. Both sides have excellent hiking trails, but I always seem to find it less crowded on the west side which is nice.

Better to Bike: East. I am not a big biker so this designation might not be correct, but I seem to see more people biking on the East side so I assume that is for a reason.

Easily Accessible: West. It is closer to the freeway so I think for out of towners, it should be easier to find.

Better Visitors Center: East. It is bigger and more accessible.

Where I See Petroglyphs: West. And only west! Hokokam Petroglyphs.

So both are great options. Hopefully you have time to visit both!
Remember to bring water!

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  1. I would love to get out to AZ and explore one day - but I guess I've technically been there since I've been to the 4 corners ;)


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