December 9, 2016

5 Essential Tips for Travelling During The Holiday Season

Travelling during the holiday season. It is bound to be something we all do. Whether we are going to visit mom and dad or travelling for a winter escape vacation, it can be stressful. I think all stress even at the busiest of times can be alleviated with some simple planning.

Here are five tips that will make this busy travel season an easier one for you.
Start Planning Early
Many people may not think of Halloween as part of the holiday season, but doing some simple planning before you trade carved pumpkins for Thanksgiving gourds will ensure that you do not get stuck overpaying or being underwhelmed with haphazard plans. So if you can, start your travel plans early. If you can't, well then follow the next four tips!

Book the earliest flight in the day and fly direct if you can.
Sorry night owls but the earlier you fly, the less chance of delays. That is just the way it is!

Turn the holidays into a vacation.
Many of us get such a small amount of vacation time that we often have to give up our travel aspirations in order to spend time with our families during the holiday season. But what if you combined the two?

I have always wondered how many people are actually going to the city they fly into. I know that if I fly to see my parents (or husband's parents) they live in a different city from the airport an hour away. 

So my suggestion is if you are flying into a city you haven't explored, spend the first day or two of your trip doing so. Or drive to another close destination.

Around Christmas, destinations like Hawaii often have a bigger price tag on tickets because everyone wants to escape the cold. Embrace it for a good experience and cheaper travel. Canada's Thanksgiving is in October, so the end of November is just a regular weekend for them, making Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, etc... a good option. And flights to international destinations are often a bargain during this time of year, too.

If you're bringing gifts, don't wrap them.
If you are passing through a security checkpoint or a border crossing, don't waste your time or money wrapping presents before you arrive. The TSA has the right to open any package you bring on an airplane. I have had things opened and gosh bless them, they at least try and re-wrap it, but not wrapping the gifts makes it easier on you and them.

Of course you can ship gifts ahead of time to if you don't think you can fit them into your suitcase, but generally I can find enough room to make a carry on suitcase work for me.

Pack snacks.
I think this goes for me anywhere anytime. I love food. But this way you will decrease any added expenses of food while you travel to and from. Airports and Convenience Stores are way pricier than the same thing you can get at the grocery store before hand.

What's your best advice for traveling during the holidays?


  1. One of these years we are going to start taking trips on the holidays because the fuss of arranging things is just getting to be too much!

  2. Some straight forward travel tips here that are easy to follow, Great tips for holidays, thank you for sharing.

    Kim -


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